This Walmart Trade Earns Over $400 in 15 days or Less!


The largest retailer in the world is Walmart and let me tell you something, Walmart isnt the easiest stock to trade. The options are liquid but they tend to have very little implied volatility and the only way to play them is typically right after or before earnings.

In the following iron condor trade, I’m doing exactly that. Taking advantage of the excitement of the earnings cycle to earn money in a stock that I believe will generate a good return over 15 days which would result in 50% of max profit or just over $400, 12% ROI.

Walmart Option Trade Using Iron Condor

A trade like this requires your self control because at below 30 days, volatility can be insane.  Small news stories will rock your trade up or down.

This will be very interesting to see how this trade goes. I’m very comfortable with my 60 day trading style. But this was something I felt I had to jump on. Let’s see if my strategy works here.

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