I have suspected investors involved in Patriot One Technologies for destroying my original website. After my first video exposing irregularities in OTC: PTOTF trading behavior. My website was viciously hacked and destroyed.

Over a year of deep analysis across several sectors and dozens of companies were deleted and unrecoverable! That hasn’t stopped the stock from going into what I believed would be a death spiral!

Here is some additional information about the stock from OTCMARKETS.

Sure enough, my expectations are coming to fruition. I jumped into the trade just before releasing my video by shorting 10,000 shares. Since then, the stock has dropped aggressively and I am reaping significant rewards even though I jumped in a bit too early. Learn about my strategy HERE.

Although I fully expect a low RSI bounce to occur shortly, the company’s outrageous current market cap is just unjustifiable. How is Patriot One is still valued about $170,000,000 and being proud to prove #150,000 contracts. Unless Raytheon steps in and buys this otc company which I suspect has NO WORKING UNIT, I dont see anyway this company doesn’t touch $.50 by the summer. Things are going to get really bad for Patriot One Technologies.