Everything To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS)

Verus International is the hottest ticker on OTC boards right now. Everything You Need To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS).



Verus International aka Verus Foods is a global nourishment auxiliary that sells wholesale white label food items to clients around the world. The Company exchanges on the OTC market (OTC:VRUS).

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Wayfair, A $14 Billion Company With Negative Book Value.

E-commerce has been a booming business sector that has seen stocks within the sector rise 50%, 100%, 200%+ percent or more over the course of a year or in many cases, just a matter of months. From financial analysis perspective, E-commerce is a very interesting business sector. With just a little digging, we find a significant amount of company’s with large amounts of toxic financing,

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The $220 Million Company Operating From A P.O Box.

What is THC Therapeutics (THCT)?

The company describes itself as a publicly traded health and healing company in the Cannabis space. They claim to be dedicated to innovating new methods and refining current industry standards within the Cannabis market. Their primary product pipeline includes the development of the dHydronator®, a sanitizing herb dryer,

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The Complete List Of Bitcoin Stocks

What is Bitcoin?

The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as a blockchain. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has changed the way we conduct online transactions. It is the fastest and freest way of transferring money to any place in the world. Bitcoin (₿) is a form of electronic cash.

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Why Patriot One Will Never Get It Right! (OTC:PTOTF)

I’ve been calling bullcrap on PTOTF since I first heard on the company.  After creating the first version of this website back in 2017, I wrote an article and did a video highlighting my concerns. Little did I know it would lead to the website getting hacked and all of my work deleted. I no doubt suspect investors involved in Patriot One Technologies for destroying my original website.

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