My Investment Strategy

How do I make money trading? I consistently short small cap stocks that are trading at levels unjustified by fundamental analysis. Most of these stocks I trade are built to fail. They over leverage themselves, use third party agents to promote their stock or release false or misleading news to generate buying in the underlying.  Like passive investing, I regularly add to my short position with regular contributions over time.  At the beginning, many go against me. But over time, the market becamepre wise and learns the game that stock is playing.  As the price lowers in value, I then sell my shares for a large profit.


Learning how to trade can be complicated. There are millions of voices, thousands of websites who all believe they have the answer to your success. Using a traditional moving average strategy on a long term time frame has been proven to outperform the blind “buy and hold” method. My video below details my current trading strategy.