$157 Million Humble Energy Scam Ran From Trailer Park

Sit back and let me tell you about one of the biggest scams on the Over the counter market since THCT. I’ve seen hundred of blantant pump and dump but i have seen anything quite like this. What would easily be an incredible lucrative opportunity unfortunately can now only be a dream because there are no shares to short.

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4 Retail Stocks that Wont Survive The 2020 Recession

A recession, in the lay man’s words can be described as when the growth of the economy of any country or region stops. According the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), recession as the significant decreasing in the economic activity of an economy that last for considerable time period and have manifold affects. This indicates not only continuous decreasing in the GDP but also decreasing income levels,

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Everything To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS)

Verus International is the hottest ticker on OTC boards right now. Everything You Need To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS).



Verus International aka Verus Foods is a global nourishment auxiliary that sells wholesale white label food items to clients around the world. The Company exchanges on the OTC market (OTC:VRUS).

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Wayfair, A $14 Billion Company With Negative Book Value.

E-commerce has been a booming business sector that has seen stocks within the sector rise 50%, 100%, 200%+ percent or more over the course of a year or in many cases, just a matter of months. From financial analysis perspective, E-commerce is a very interesting business sector. With just a little digging, we find a significant amount of company’s with large amounts of toxic financing,

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