This Walmart Trade Earns Over $400 in 15 days or Less!


The largest retailer in the world is Walmart and let me tell you something, Walmart isnt the easiest stock to trade. The options are liquid but they tend to have very little implied volatility and the only way to play them is typically right after or before earnings.

In the following iron condor trade,

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Earn 30% on this ES Emini Futures Trade Over 60 Days!

In the following trade, we’re looking to seek 50% of max profit. If the tide demands it, we’ll let this winner run. But I believe there are two things that are going to happen here, the broader market will sell off soon or we slowly gauge higher as QE4 stimulus kicks in and yet continued poor economic data slows us down.

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Beyond Meat LockOut Period Approaches. Here’s What You Can Do!

On our last post about Beyond Meat (BYND), it was about netting all the possible returns that could be generated from the release of earnings. What we quickly realized is that earnings was an excuse for thousands of investors to cash out and reallocate funds out of the stock.

Its been a month now and we’re looking to reestablish a position in BYND that could generate considerable credit into our account over the next several weeks.

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5 Things To Look Out For Before Creating An Iron Condor

Trading non directional strategies like Iron Condors can be extremely profitable. Iron Condors now make up 100% of my trading style. Think of non directional trading as fixed income trading. Its basically the same thing. Before making the trade, you know exactly how much you will make and how much you will lose and you can create trades where the probability of success is higher than a naked directional trade.

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Why EEM ETF Should Continue To Drag Lower



Investing in emerging markets is relatively new to me. As someone born outside of the United States, I’m well aware of amazing amount of development and economic growth that is taking place in countries all over the world. How many Americans know that African countries are the fast growing countries in the world today?

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Patriot One Technologies Continues To Be A Money Pit!

Back in May of 2018, I wrote an article called about PTOTF (Patriot One Technologies) and I believed(and still do) that it’s one of the biggest publicly traded scams going on right now. You can read that article HERE. At this time, expenses were spiraling out of control and nothing has changed.

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Beyond Meat Option Trade Earns 48% In Less Than 30 Days

One of the most exciting things right now about Beyond Meat is the amount Implied Volatility the stock generates. People are so excited about this stock that demand and anticipation for higher prices in the stock have caused options to trade for far more than they are actually worth. You can learn more about Implied Volatility here.

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$157 Million Humble Energy Scam Ran From Trailer Park

Sit back and let me tell you about one of the biggest scams on the Over the counter market since THCT. I’ve seen hundred of blantant pump and dump but i have seen anything quite like this. What would easily be an incredible lucrative opportunity unfortunately can now only be a dream because there are no shares to short.

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4 Retail Stocks that Wont Survive The 2020 Recession

A recession, in the lay man’s words can be described as when the growth of the economy of any country or region stops. According the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), recession as the significant decreasing in the economic activity of an economy that last for considerable time period and have manifold affects. This indicates not only continuous decreasing in the GDP but also decreasing income levels,

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Everything To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS)

Verus International is the hottest ticker on OTC boards right now. Everything You Need To Know About Verus International (OTC:VRUS).



Verus International aka Verus Foods is a global nourishment auxiliary that sells wholesale white label food items to clients around the world. The Company exchanges on the OTC market (OTC:VRUS).

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